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Make a donation of money

WUMCO is a nonprofit organization and your contribution is tax-deductible.  You may make your contribution by 
mail at WUMCO Help, Inc., Post Office Box 247, Poolesville,Maryland 20837-0247, or feel free to use PayPal by clicking on the PayPal logo and credit card symbols below.  Thank you in advance for your support!

Make a donation of food

WUMCO is very fortunate to have much of the food 
that is required to meet the emergency needs of its 
clients donated by groups, such as Boy Scouts and through 
ongoing collection efforts in many of our local churches 
(see the link “WUMCO and the Community”). However, another 
and quite important component of keeping our pantry shelves 
stocked, without dipping into our limited finances, is food that
individuals donate. Staples, such as canned vegetables, pasta, 
canned tuna, rice, flour and sugar—are the kinds of things that 
we provide to needy clients.

There are a number of collection points for your donated food 
that should make this transfer simple and convenient:
Poolesville Town Hall (Monday through Friday)
Crafts-A-Plenty (Monday through Saturday noon, 
closed Wednesday)
Churches (Many churches provide containers year-round for 
WUMCO food donations. If your church does not presently do so, 
consider discussing the option with your pastor.)

Become a Volunteer Driver

Of the many services WUMCO provides, transportation is one of the least known and understood. We provide rides to clients who cannot drive, have no vehicle, or have limited access to public transportation. Our drivers are all volunteers. They may be retired, or stay-at-home moms/dads, or just have a work schedule which allows them to volunteer certain days of the week. This is a great way to serve your community and meet new and interesting people!

Volunteering does not mean driving on a daily basis. It just means being willing to take a call asking if you are available for a particular day and time – usually a day in the coming week. If you are able to drive that day, you say “yes” and are given the details of whom, when and where. If you are unable to drive on the day requested you simply say “no” and we try another volunteer.  

We are always in need of additional drivers for our pool. Even if you have only one day a week on which you are available, we would love to have your help. One of our volunteer drivers says, “… you have kids? Take them along and teach them the value of community service. I've been taking my grandson for years.”  

Please contact the office to volunteer or if you have any questions: email: wumco2@gmail.com or call: 301-972-8481.

Shop on Amazon Smile

You can now make a donation of money to WUMCO just by doing something you already do - SHOP!! WUMCO will receive a portion of each purchase made when you go to Amazon Smile to do your shopping and choose WUMCO as the charity you would like to support. Or just click the link below to automatically be shopping for WUMCO:


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