Does WUMCO serve only the Poolesville and surrounding area?
No. Its territory of service includes a wide swath of the upper county, roughly the area from Frederick County line (northwest) to Potomac River (west/southwest) to, but not including, Clarksburg and Germantown (east). The towns we serve are Poolesville, Boyds, Barnesville, Dickerson and Beallsville.

What determines eligibility for aid?  All services are based on validated financial need without consideration to client’s race, color, religion, gender, sexual orientation, physical or mental condition or political preferences.

Are there limits to assistance provided to clients?  Yes. For example help in meeting family living expenses is limited to $750 for any 12-month period. Occasionally circumstances merit exceeding guidelines but can be provided only with approval of the Board of Directors.

Does WUMCO made use of grants?  Yes. Grants are sought from a variety of sources—government, foundations, etc. In the future we hope to secure additional grants by enlisting the help of a volunteer with grant-application experience.

How is WUMCO governed?  By a board of nine directors from our service area who oversee the staff, policies and programs. Day-to-day activities are handled by Executive Director Katie Longbrake.

WUMCO Help, Inc.
WUMCO's services keep people "on the edge" from going homeless almost every year.