Member Honor Roll
Mr. James T. McGinley
Mr. & Mrs. Jeff & Heather Witt
Mr. & Mrs. Charles & Doris Auer
Mr. & Mrs. Lincoln & Frances Hoewing
Mr. Patrick V. McManaman
Mr. & Mrs. Chet & Paula Anderson
Ms. Jane Stearns
Mr. Joel Tjornehoj
Ms. Virginia R. Marshall
Ms. Diane Volentine
Mr. Kurt Stoliker
Mr. & Mrs. Andrew & Kirsten Lewis
Mr. John Toomey Jr.

M. K. Pickus
Drs. James & Margaret Oberman
Mr. Milton Andrews
Ms. Lucy Tidd
Ms. Sarah J. Murray
Mr. Robert Jones
Mr. & Mrs. Craig & Karen Cummins
Dr. Amar Duggirala, DO
Mr. & Mrs. R. Edwin & Winsome Brown
Mr. & Mrs. Roger & Diane Hayden
Mr. William McDonald
Mr. Bennett McPhatter
Top Donors - Jane's Circle
Ms. Michelle Engelmann
Mr. R. Adam DeBaugh
Mss. Linda and Norma Gibeaux-Kawecki
Mr. & Mrs. Tom & Lois Sumser
Rev. & Ms. Miller & Corrine Hoffman-Bertram
Mr. & Mrs. Ray & Reva Hoewing
Mr. & Mrs. Robert & Catherine Beliveau
Ms. Michelle Thibodeaux
Mr. & Mrs. Art & Cathy Montes
Ms. Carly Stoliker
Ms. Dorothy Norwood
Mr. & Mrs. R. C. Spiker
Mr. James Brown
Ms. Margaret Beliveau
Mr. Kevin Babcock
Mr. Kurt Benkstein
Ms. Amanda Schaaf
Ms. Marsha Vonduerckheim
Michael & Holly Smith-Larisch
Mr. Keith Jones
Mr. Hammet W. Hough
Mr. & Mrs. John & Kelly Ten Hagen
Ms. Susan Corfman
Ms. Lisa Jennings
Mr. Steve Manos
Mr. Frank Massey
Mr. & Mrs. Robert Cline
Mr. & Mrs. Carol & Dennis Eppard
Mr. & Mrs. Leigh & Richard Johnson
Mr. & Mrs. Roger & Helen Ward
Mr. & Mrs. Ken & Diana Fitzwater
Ms. Judy Ohr
Mr. & Mrs. Peggy & Marty Reed
Mr. & Mrs. James & Emma Ridgway
Ms. Linda R. Bergofsky
Mr. & Mrs. George & Dana Worthington
Mr. Richard Thoms
Mr. & Mrs. Donald & Mary Hoffacker
Ms. Becky Kuhn
Mr. Ronnie Randolph
Mr. Edward Allen Ahearn
Mr. & Mrs. Thomas & Susan Randall
Ms. Tracey Forfa
Ms. Margaret Buckley
Ms. Sueann Silvis
Ms. Amanda Cather
Mr. & Mrs. Edward P Wroth
Ms. Elsie M. Hackman
Ms. Kimberly Weigner
Mr. & Mrs. Brian & Linda Benoit
Mr. Harris Vederman
Ms. Nicole Whitman
Ms. Mary Sears
Mr. James Field
Ms. Margaret Luther
Mr. Jonathan Moore Warner
Mr. & Mrs. Fayson
Drs. Tim & Margaret Pike-Valega
Mr. Jeff Sypeck
Ms. Jane Thompson
Ms. Marcia Blisard
Mr. Rick Brunn
Mr. & Mrs. Chris & Denise Jacklin
Ms. Geraline Joan Carroll
Ms. Susan Hemp
Joseph McIntyre
Mr. & Mrs. Rudolph & Margy Gole
Mr. & Mrs. Mark & Dominique Agnew
Mr. & Mrs. Joseph & Joann Betz
Ms. Patricia H. Menke
Mr. & Mrs. William & Ann Marie Willard
Mr. & Mrs. Esteban & Leticia Velasquez-Murillo
Ms. Jerleon Eader
Mr. & Mrs. Mike & Enid Wills
Ms. Denise Graybill-Donohoe
Mr. Richard Herman
Mr. Robert Wilbur
Ms. Lori L. Kocur
Mr. & Mrs. Brice & Michelle Halbrook
Ms. Catherine Reese
Mr. Thomas F. Mahoney
Ms. Anne T. Sturm
Mr. James P. Brown
Mr. & Mrs. Thomas & Gail Lee
Candelario Zapata
Ms. Cosma Spassiani
Mr. & Mrs. Todd & Jill Brown
Mr. & Mrs. Russell & Theresa Zweber-Jones
Ms. Claudia Shibelski
Ms. Florence B. Bell
Mr. & Mrs. Thomas & Anne Jagodits
Mr. & Mrs. Ben & Susie Cushing
Ms. Marie Marsh
Ms. L. Sharon Hallman
Ms. Claire Howard
Ms. Pamela Steffen
Ms. Kathryn Flitter
Ms. Penelope A. McCrea
Ms. Mary James
Mr. & Mrs. Matthew & Kay Breed
Mr. Thomas Kettler
Ms. Lisa Chaney
Ms. Audrey Morris
Mr. & Mrs. Richard & Ronnie Hay-Hill
Ms. Suzanne L. Stevens
Ms. Carol Purcell
Mr. & Mrs. Norm & Dianna Spencer
Mr. & Mrs. Charles & Patricia Dunn
Ms. Claudia Young
Ms. Donetta Swick
Mr. & Mrs. Chris & Sharon Thomas
Mr. Philip Shanholtzer
Mr. & Mrs. Richard & Barbara Polak
Ms. Carol Stunkel
Mr. & Mrs. Charles & Kathy Jamison
Mr. Michael Adams
Ms. Melissa Rose
Ms. Clair Gunster-Kirby
Mr. & Mrs. George Coakley
Mr. Bruce Kirby
Mr. & Mrs. Vernon & Michele Sauder
Mr. Thomas Gutierrez
Mr. James E. Smith 
Ms. Maryanne Lartz
Mr. John Clayton
Mr. Lawrence N. Rosenblum
Mr. Rande Davis
Mr. & Mrs. Steve & Janet Wolf
Dr. & Ms. David S. Yaney and Joyce K. Breiner
Mr. & Mrs. Daniel & Cheryl Dessel
Ms. Sandra Bostian
Ms. DeLaine McCord
Ms. Betsy Casaleno
Ms. Lisa Essich
The McFall Family
Mr. & Mrs. Craig & Lill Winning
Terry Ferril
Ms. Tracey Cabrera
Mr. Ingo Brachmann
Ms. Mary Wink
Ms. Christina Nanof
Mr. Anthony Durmowicz
Mr & Ms Alvin & Gwendolyn Hicks
Ms. Nancy Allnutt
Mr. Gerald Baumer
Other Member Donors

Member Benefits

WUMCO membership cards provide these benefits at these local businesses:
Arts, Design, Home Décor

Artisan Sewing & Fashion Academy
15134 Barnesville Rd, Boyds
$20 off any class. Classes in pockets, quilting, zippers, hems, basic machine maintenance. Kids Can Sew program, 8 yrs.+, Adult programs, and more. Classes are generally $40 to $80.

Kool Jewels
Lois Sumser
10% Off. Handcrafted bracelets, earrings and necklaces. Handmade cloth baskets and bowls. 

19960 Fisher Ave., Poolesville, MD 20837
10% Off. Craft supplies and home décor.

The Blue Hearth
19964 Fisher Ave., Poolesville
10% Off. Furniture & home décor.  


Chi Rho Press
Free item of same of lesser value on website. List WUMCO membership # and additional item in comments section of website order form.

Valley Graphic Services, Inc
93 Monocacy Blvd,Suite A1, Frederick
10% off any printing job. Full service printer.

Dave Ashley Signs
23907 Old Hundred Rd., Dickerson
Chris Pennington.
10% Off. Signs, banners, yard signs, decals, posters, bumper stickers, labels, and much more! Dave Ashley and 


Bassett’s Fine Food & Spirits
19950 Fisher Ave., Poolesville
10% discount on meals. Traditional, home-style American eats.

Cugini’s Restaurant & Bar
19616 Fisher Ave, Unit H, Poolesville
10% discount on meals. Pizza, subs, and pasta in a family friendly atmosphere.

Watershed Café
19639 Fisher Ave., Poolesville
10% discount on meals. Breakfast all day and lunch from 10:30 to close. Locally sourced eggs, meat, fruit, and vegetables.

Health and Fitness

Anytime Fitness
19942 Fisher Ave., Poolesville
10% off personal training. 24-hour gym with various fitness classes and personal training available.

Glad i Yoga
20005A Fisher Ave, Poolesville
10% off yoga and pilates tailored to individual needs.

Michelle Engelmann
Working with Seniors to provide: Transportation, Companion, Appointment Setting, Bill Paying, and Quality of Life Services
10% off parts and accessories.  

Bob’s Bike Shop
19961 Fisher Ave., Poolesville
10% off all services.

Real Estate

Gail Lee Homes
1 yr. home warranty if you list or buy with Gail. Local Realtor with 25 years experience.