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What WUMCO does…in a nutshell

A client says, ‘I have been blessed by WUMCO’

I will always be grateful for what WUMCO did for 
me at a low point of my life

WUMCO helped my family survive a very cold winter

Bringing Christmas to those who wouldn’t have it otherwise

Community leader reflects on value of WUMCO

​Volunteering opened up my eyes and my heart

WUMCO does not forget that it owes accountability to those whose support makes its services possible
Touching Lives - Clients Served During 2018
Often viewed as strictly a “food pantry”, WUMCO has in fact evolved over the years into a multi-services entity, serving a diversity of needs as indicated by this chart:
In 2015 2079 persons were "touched" by some service of  WUMCO (includes double counting for persons receiving more than one touch)